Sustainable tourism – Swing – Jungle Resort

Our Green Code Our commitment to the local community and welfare programmes

• Create employment opportunities for the local community.
• Promote local products.
• Use local products and suppliers wherever possible.
• Encourage and provide financial support, where possible, for economic, social and environmental projects that will benefit local communities.
• Contribute to programmes that aim to improve the quality of education in local schools and vocational institutes
• Contribute towards better health facilities available to local communities
• Contribute towards the programmes that aim to improve public utilities
• Contribute towards improvement in housing of local communities
• Involve local communities in decisions that affect their lives

Reviving the traditional cultural heritage of the region

• Promote local cuisine
• Contribute towards the restoration of local heritage structures
• Promote usage of local architecture and raw material for construction
• Promote local arts, crafts and cultural programmes
• Encourage the local community to take pride in their culture and heritage

Restoring the natural ecological balance of the destination

• Plant only local trees and plants within and in the neighbourhood of our resorts
• Promote only local fauna within and in the neighbourhood of our resorts
• Ensure that all landscaping is in sync with local terrain
• Participate and encourage re-forestation schemes and preservation/revival of local water bodies
• Use organic manure / fertilizers on the property
• Actively participate in local conservation programmes

Minimizing negative impact on the environment

Water : Minimize consumption, recycle waste water and use it appropriately
Energy : Minimize energy consumption and use alternate energy sources wherever possible
Sound Pollution : Minimize noise levels within and around the property
Air Pollution : Minimize air pollution
Light Pollution : We will strive to use efficient systems of public lighting so as not to disturb nocturnal wildlife
Plastics : Minimize the use of plastics
Waste Management : Minimize waste and implement effective waste management systems
Paper : Reduce use of paper in our operations and promote the use of recycled paper

Fair trade practices

• Ensure that all employees are paid fair wages
• Ensure, where possible, that products used are not made by child or bonded labour
• That suppliers are paid a fair price for their products and services
• Educate our guests and staff about responsible tourism and sensitize them about the local customs, culture and environment.
• Educate all stakeholders on the responsible tourism policy of the brand and initiatives that we have undertaken to achieve its goals.