Fantastic place and what makes it better , explore the untouched beauty.
A special place where nature and man exist in harmony. 

The setting of this place, The purpose and love with which it is built will transcend you into a realm that is nor a dream out of grasp and neither a reality that has you in its grasp. But a tender breeze that will soothe the fatigue out of you.

Unwind and decompress into this little station of joy that makes the outer world blissfully remote. Because “Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax”.

Our lodge

Muba Jungle Camp at Nagzira Tiger Reserve is nestled in a basin surrounded by hills and thick jungles on all sides. There are 10 cottages built on stilts on the periphery of a seasonal water body. Large and spacious rooms have fabulous views of the surrounding forests. The walkways connecting the cottages are also high above the ground that gives you a vantage point to observe the wilderness which envelopes the property.

Muba jungle camp is built with a purpose of sustainability , we place emphasis on conservation practises that supports and inculcate an idea of the value that nature holds in this ever consuming modern world of ours, our aim is to provide guests an unforgettable experience of the jungle and its wildlife. The jungle resort and its experience is built for a discerning nature lover and we believe that the guests who will experience it will fall in love with the idea.

Our Philosophy

We are a small company with a broad vision. Rejuvenation and awareness is our motto We tread softly across nature’s canvas, careful to leave it without blemish. We strive to make a difference and create a better world: a world around our resort in which our guests can get in touch with the simple joys that make vacations truly rewarding. We ensure that our presence enhances the land we are located in and uplifts the local communities around us. In simple words, we care… for nature and the local communities around our resorts which are a home away from home for our guests.

The story of the resort continues to unfold as we try to reinvent ourselves and our offerings and endeavour to deepen our guest’s enjoyment and knowledge of this lovely corner of Nagzira Tiger Reserve Come follow us into an enchanting realm, our very own wonderland… Decompress, unwind in an environment where the outside world seems blissfully remote. Let calm take its hold.