The forest needs more friends. That, in a nutshell, is the raison d’etre of Muba Resorts and what drives us as an organisation to contribute towards the cause of forest conservation and the protection of wildlife.

Our mission is simply to introduce urban man -the quintessential city dweller – to the forest, provide him with an opportunity to experience its magnificence, and hope he will return with a healthy respect for one of the planet’s most precious resources and tell the next person he meets about it.


Across many regions of the world, including Africa, ecotourism is increasingly being seen as a boon rather than a strain on an already precariously balanced ecosystem. The reasons are many: More people coming to the forest means a higher awareness and desire to protect the forest and preserve wildlife, more visitors means less poaching, responsible ecotourism makes local village communities less dependent on the forest by providing them with employment and creating an outlet for village products.


However, ecotourism would only be an exploitation of nature if it did not acknowledge the already precarious ecosystem. Responsible ecotourism is the answer.


Do visit us. If you come to the forest today, your children will get a chance to visit it tomorrow.

Dr. Zafar Khan