Mukki Kanha




Welcome to MUKKI.

 MUKKI KANHA  is located in a village called BAMHNI, 192 Kms from Raipur, 5 Kms from Mukki gate, Kanha National Park .  RESORT KANHA is strategically located on the edge of the national park. Surrounded by the lush green sal trees, it serves as a wonderful gallery for viewing wildlife.

The Kanha National Park touches the velvety reaches of Kanha Maikal hills, a most ancient and beguiling portion of the central Indian satpura mountain range. These forests cover around 2000 sq. km and are a mix of tropical moist and dry deciduous types.

The region around Kanha supports tree species like Sal, Mahua, Saja, Kulu, and many more along with bamboo and other grasses.

The fauna boasts more than 250 species of birds, including the Malabar Pied Hornbill, the Crested Hawk-eagle as well as an impressive assemblage of herbivores like the , Barasinga Swamp deer (found only at kanha), the Gaur (Indian Bison) and the Sambar, and chital deer, Which results in a high density of prey in this region.

This in turn, supports a large and thriving population of predators like the Tiger (incidentally, the Kanha region is said to have one of the highest density of Tigers in India), the Leopard, the Indian Wild Dog, hyena, Sloth bear, etc.

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