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David Brower, one of the world’s foremost environmentalists believes“We do not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we merely borrow it from our children”.

Tourism can be good or bad for the environment and local people depending on the attitudes and sensitivities of the players involved. At Muba we believe that Responsible Ecotourism is the key word; and that it only increases the good and eliminates the bad. Ecotourism has been defined as “Responsible travel to an environmentally sensitive area without exploiting it, but in the process creates all around economic development of the local community resulting in their participation in preserving these areas”. Responsible ecotourism goes hand in hand with conservation needs and is all about helping man coexist with nature.

Protected areas including National Parks and Sanctuaries are under tremendous pressure from the human habitation located on the peripheries of these wildlife reserves – be it through cattle grazing, collection of firewood, bio-mass and other forest resources for commercial purpose, or even being party to poaching. The only way of reducing or removing such pressures is to create economic development and opportunities for these habitants outside the protected areas and thereby reducing human pressures on forest ecosystems. Responsible ecotourism is the most effective conservation tool that balances the utilitarian demands we place on our environment with the ethical need to preserve wildlife. It does this by maintaining a basic and healthy respect for all living things, be it flora, fauna or mankind. A win-win situation in all.

The forests, wildlife and natural wealth are the epicenter of the Muba’s business. As initiators we seek to create awareness among our guests to be a part of this rewarding and wild experience that embraces nature the ecotourism way.

Muba works with a responsible aim to conserve the environment and ecology thereby minimizing the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment. “While, providing guests with world class facilities and experiences is our primary business objective; complying with environment standards and initiating responsible ecotourism is our primary business responsibility. “