Jungle safaris

Jungle safaris (by jeep) into the core zone of the National Park are conducted twice a day. Guests will be taken on safaris on first-cum-first-serve basis. Kindly contact the Resident Manager to register for safaris on arrival to avoid disappointment. All guests must adhere to the Code of conduct during the safaris. Copy of the same is available at the Resort . All guests must sign the Liability Waiver Declaration Undertaking available at the Resort before participating in any of the Resort activities.

Nature Walks

Getting up-close to nature is fully experienced
only when you venture out and feel the emotions she exudes. Learn everything about the flora
and fauna of the region from our naturalists
who will lead you on the trail.


Bird watching in Barnawapara is an excellent pastime with over 300 species of birds being recorded here.

The Barnawapara region is dominated by dense forests, but you can also find patches of scrubs around the periphery as well as a lot of cultivation around the area. The water bodies inside the park act as an attraction to a wide variety of water birds. Even when the water bodies recede, it leaves isolated pools of water that attract a multitude of birds as fishes are trapped in them.

Some of the birds that can be found in this region are the , Pea fowl, Red jungle fowl, Crow pheasant, Crimson breasted barbet, Red vented bulbul, Racket tailed Drongo, Magpie robin, Lesser whistling teal, Crested Serpent Eagle, painted francolin, Changeable hawk Eagle, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Collared Scopes Owl and other species like White-eyed Buzzard, Mottled Wood Owl, and jungle Owlet. The water birds, seen more profoundly during the wintertime include waterfowls, blue kingfishers, Indian Skimmers and others. In fact, the Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary is considered as a paradise for bird watchers.


Our resort is located on the edge of dense forest and lush, tall grass (home to dozens of different birds), to live and feel the real jungle around, a good way to explore it would be on a bicycle.

Please remember to pack a comfortable pair of sneakers and your shorts if you plan to hit the jungle trail.

The bicycles are available at the resort for Nominal charges of 50 rs / hours.


One of the nicest things about a resort in the wilds is the beautiful clear sky above. We provide a telescope and with the help of our trained naturalists, you can embark on a cosmic trip and discover the mysteries that lie beyond our planet.


We have bonfires at our resort every evening where you can huddle round and let our naturalists entertain you with jungle yarns. Sip a drink. Greet your fellow guests. Make new friends.

We do not allow sound systems and loud music on campus to maintain the peace and tranquility of the jungles. MUBA’S MACHAAN is an ecotourism resort and we encourage our guests to commune with nature instead.

You and your family could engage in at our resorts, many other activities in Barnawapara. Be sure to check with our manager when you get here.